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What people say about Rachel’s classes

“I slept like a log and really enjoyed the class. Good pace and range of moves, loved the back stretches as this is where I hold tension.” Claire

“Hi Rachel, I just wanted to thank you for your yoga lessons. You are a great teacher and I love your style of working towards a cool yoga pose with different postures through the lesson. Your understanding and knowledge of yoga is amazing. My back yesterday after our lesson felt straight and strong. I just wish I could work with you every day I would end up 5 cm taller.” – Jonathan

“Hi Rachel really enjoying the class why didnt I try this years ago. Feel really chilled after and can feel the benefits already.” – Sarah

“As a newbie to yoga I was nervous to join a yoga group. Rachel was fantastic and from class one my reservations were put at ease. Rachel’s classes put you the student first” – Jen

“I attended the new class with Rachel Young and I enjoyed a lot. It leaves you refreshed and feeling full of energy next day, thing that I needed it because I am exhausted!” – Celia

“Loved the session tonight, so did Lisa. We can’t wait to come back!” – Laura

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